CraftR White Paper V2



CraftR is a decentralized platform aimed at buying and selling digital creative assets among users. Our P2P marketplace will be a good place for freelancers and developers that will have the opportunity to get involved in a new form of global e-commerce. Everyone will have the possibility to sell their freelance services or offer self-made creative assets to customers that will be looking for a missing piece to proceed in the development of a project, or simply to acquire new skills. Our system will offer zero-fees between customers transactions, so that they will have the total control of their finances and the possibility to buy products without our interferences. The first release of a stable product is planned to be released in Q4 2018 and we will find a way to encourage users to use our platform through new interesting strategies. As long as the store is not released, interested parties will be able earn to extra rewards through the Proof-Of-Stake functionality.



Short Term
- The release of the marketplace 1.0 (estimated release in Q4 2018)
- Hybrid decentralization between CRAFTR payment system and traditional storage of data
- Possibility to buy & sell digital creative assets

Mid Term
- The release of the marketplace 2.0 (est. 2019)
- Integration of Origin Protocol Tools
- Total decentralization of the marketplace (data storage)
- Possibility to buy & sell freelance services
- Porting of the marketplace to VR

Long Term
- The release of an official modular IDE for multipurpose development
- A complete autonomous system that interact between CraftR Blockchain and CraftR Marketplace (Main Net)


- Buyers will reach a wide range of products targeted to multiple development environments and will pay through a fast and     decentralized system, enjoying the full benefits that the blockchain can give, such as security and speed of transaction.
- Developers and freelancers that will have the intention to sell their resources will earn CRAFTR tokens by posting their product/service on our system. The advantage will be represented by the peer to peer transaction system, that will let them to keep the control of their balances.
- Investors will have the possibility to keep tokens inside their wallets and enjoy the Proof-Of-Stake rewards or simply trade them with any other stakeholder.

The marketplace will provide fast access and secure trading of digital creative assets through a decentralized peer - to -peer payment processor based on CraftR.

This project has been designed to be developed through less resources and possibly in the best ways. This means that the final product will be released with stable functionalities in short times through a coordinated management.

Skilled developers will bring huge benefits by the company side, consequently to investors side, who will be able to purchase tokens at low initial prices .

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10 December 2018
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