22 JAN 2018
Deployment: CraftR.io - New Design

22 FEB 2018
Deployment: White Paper V2

24 FEB 2018
Deployment: CraftR Smart Contract

01 MAR 2018
Integration: Web Wallet V1

23 APR 2018
Integration: Bounty & Airdrop System

23 APR 2018
Integration: Referral System

18 MAY 2018
Integration: Product Slots

22 JUL 2018
Integration: P2P Donation System

31 JUL 2018
Integration: P2P Payment Processor

02 AUG 2018
Fixes: P2P Payment Processor

06 AUG 2018
Integration: 2 Factor Authentication

10 AUG 2018
Replacement: WYSIWYG Product Editor

11 AUG 2018
Fixes: Mail Server Notifications

22 DEC 2018
Replacement: Featured Products Carousel

20 JAN 2019
Fixes: Product Description is Editable in "Edit Item"

23 JAN 2019
Deployment: Terms & Conditions and Cookie Policy

25 JAN 2019
Replacement: Products (Assets) Layout

05 FEB 2019
Fixes: Wishlist Page Visibility


Integration: Optional Identity Verification

Users will be able to confirm their identity through a KYC process, improving User Protection. This feature will not only reduce issues with the inner businesses, but will also increase the user's trustworthiness.

Integration (25%): Freelance Jobs System

After collecting first impressions and ideas from the community, a integration of freelance system has been planned. Thanks to this new added value, Freelancers will be able to sell their skills that can perform in exchange of CraftR tokens as payment. Its integration is planned for the short terms (Q1 2019 maximum).

Integration: Escrow System

The escrow will act as an intermediary between the consumer and the seller, providing greater protection to users who wish to open a dispute. The system (extension of the smart contract) will provide users with a series of general options for managing a trade.

Integration (75%): Banner Advertising System

A new functionality will be introduced: the advertising system. Everyone will be able to purchase Ad packages in a form of banner advertisement placed on our marketplace.

Expansion (50%): Receipts on Purchase/Donate

After a purchase of a product or a donation to an user, the system will generate the relative receipt with transaction data and product informations.

Integration (80%): User Ranking System

Users will gain badges by completing various tasks, like selling/uploading/downloading/purchasing a requested amount of products, making donations, completing profile data, or gaining followers.

Integration (10%): Product Preview Visualizer

Each product will be accompanied by a specific widget for the product's presentation. Like a 3D visualizer for 3D Models, a preview player for Sounds & Soundtracks, and a carousel for Illustrations.

Expansion (80%): System Notifications

Users will have the possibility to receive system notifications when a product is approved/denied, downloaded or purchased, and a new rank/message is received.

Fixes: Performance Improvements

There are few things to improve regarding the performances of marketplace's storage. After the improvements, the system will be lighter and faster.

Deployment (70%): Store.CraftR.io - New Design

A new qualified designer will take action to analyze and improve the graphic quality of the marketplace.

Integration: Origin Protocol Tools

Our partner Origin Protocol will provide us all necessary tools to develop the marketplace at a higher level.

Deployment: Official Wallet Apps

Beside the universal ERC20 wallets in circulation, we are going to build our own wallets targeted to Mobile and Computer devices.

Deployment (80%): Web Wallet V2

The second version of the Web wallet will include new paramenters regarding the blockchain status and a new level design.

Deployment: Mobile App

Mobile applications are now widespread and we planned to bring our marketplace to the mobile level. It will include all the functionalities of the website, plus the blockchain integrated (wallet and payments).